Sep 10, 2013

How to Disable Safe Search, Get Rid of Safe Search Virus

Is Safe Search bugging you? Computer is flipping out with popups? After you read the post thoroughly, you will know how get rid of the annoying Safe Search virus.

Safe Search Description

Safe Search is a fake search engine system that pretends to be legitimate. Usually, this browser hijacker is bundled with free software that users download from various sources. Sometimes, it can also lurk in spam emails which contain malicious links and infected attachments. Once installed, Safe Search modifies Windows host file, alters DNS and registry settings. Browser home page will be changed to Safe Search and you may get constant redirects to unfamiliar websites. Additionally, Safe Search virus can add malware toolbars, extensions to your chrome, firefox and internet explorer. If you don’t get rid of it in time, it will even steal your vital information, such as online banking details, web histories, IP address, email contact etc. Safe Search is really a dangerous malicious website. It should be removed immediately. You can follow the manual removal instructions below to delete all its related components, it will not hijack your web browsers again.

Safe Search Harmful Properties

 1. Safe Search redirect is boring
 2. Safe Search slows down your internet speed
 3. Safe Search virus may monitor your online activities and steal your personal information
 4. Safe Search malware attempts to take over your browsers
 5. Safe Search can drop other Trojans, worms and keyloggers onto your computer
 6. Once installed, it won’t go away and cannot be detected by antivirus software.

Safe Search Manual Removal Guide

To stop Safe Search from hijacking your web browsers, you can use manual approach. You need to possess some computer troubleshooting skills. This will require terminating the malignant processes, deleting malware files and registry keys. Here’s what do to.

Step1: Open the task manager and terminate the associated processes:


Step2: Delete Safe Search’s related files and folders: 

C:\windows\system32\ Safe Search
%program files% \safe search virus\ {random}.exe\
%program files x86%\{random}\*.lnk
%UserProfile%\LocalSettings\Application Data\[ Cloud-connect virus]
%AppData%\safe search .dat
%UserProfile%\LocalSettings\Application Data\[random]\[random]sysguard.exe

Step3: Open the registry editor and remove the registry keys listed:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run\  Safe Search virus
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run “ieupdate”
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Note: You need to be very careful during the manual removal process. If you are not proficient with computer and delete some system files by mistake, your computer will not work properly. Need help with removing Safe Search? Live Chat with MitechMate Online Expert Now. Help at

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